Poetic Drama   By E. Thomalen
Cast 33: 6 Principals: 4M 2F. Doubling by 5M possible for all the other roles

This is a retelling in theatrical form of the biblical story of David and Absalom, a tale of generational conflict. Absalom's rebellion ends in his death at the hands of King David's soldiers. The story begins with the rape of Tamar (Absalom's sister). Absalom avenges her violation by their half-brother Amon, then goes into exile but later returns to King David's Jerusalem, and desires to succeed his Father as king. When he seizes the throne, David flees his capital and arranges a climactic battle in the wood of Ephraim. In that battle Absalom is killed and David weeps for him. Tamar flees Jerusalem and describes the consequences of killing Absalom for David and for Israel.