Poetic Drama   By E. Thomalen
11 m 6 f ensemble piece also needed: musicians, singers, dancers

The Prologue of the play takes place in an English inn where an acting company seeks lodging and sustenance after their travels. They bargain with the innkeeper, and when he agrees to provide food, drink and overnight shelter they agree to perform a play. The text is a dramatic adaptation of E.A. Poe's short story: Masque of the Red Death. Poe's story draws upon lore handed down about the Plague that caused widespread death in Europe during the middle ages and even into the Renaissance period. A Prince, seeking to avoid it, seals the palace gates and withdraws into his estate, with his courtiers. He holds a year-end ball and invites his guests. Death makes an appearance at midnight traveling through all of the curious ballrooms and even the Prince is unable to escape. I have elaborated on Poe's story and added and altered elements. The Epilogue takes place in an English country church where the Priest relates that the troupe that performed the play were drowned when their ship went down en route to France to perform. However, we learn that there were two survivors.

Running time: estimated to be 80 - 90 minutes