Historical Drama - Twentieth Century, Germany   By E. Thomalen
Ensemble: 34 m 17 f (15 with doubling plus child) 4 leads

This is a play that is at its core about grief. The central character, Kathe Kollwitz, a German artist was a person who knew grief intimately, grew up with it as a constant companion in the household, observed it in her husband's daily medical practice, experienced it personally and intensely with the loss of a son in World War I. Society turned to a giddy denial of the enormous losses that had been experienced in the 'Great War', learning nothing from it and in a sense taking nothing seriously, including life itself. In this play we see an artist who struggled with her grief until she is finally able to master it. It strengthens her commitment to all those who suffer and live with it. She is at the end even able to extend her support to her son when his son, her grandson, is killed. In the dream scene she examines the many different facets of her relationship with her dead son and of the different levels that his death touchs in her.

Running time: 105 minutes with 15 minute intermission